About the International Space Centre // Our Mission

The Mission of the International Space Centre is to:

  • Develop space research capacity;
  • Create new education opportunities
  • Enable engagement with industry and government; and
  • Inspire the general public through space.

Our fascination with the space beyond our reach is a defining human trait. From the launch of the first artificial satellite to our first steps on the moon just a decade later, exploring space has now become an integral part of our economy. The space sector stands out as a prime example of the innovation and human benefit that global teamwork in science and technology creates.

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Space Economy

The global space economy has undergone a deep and lasting transformation from public enterprise to private venture. Today nearly 80% of the $400B annual turnover in the space sector is achieved by private companies. NASA, though frequently perceived as the symbol of space exploration, accounts for just 5% of global space activities. The international space economy has set itself on a path to triple over the next 15 years.

Through the creation of the Australian Space Agency (ASA) in 2018, the Australian Government aims to mirror international growth by tripling the size of Australia’s space sector from the current AUD $3-4 billion industry to AUD $10-12 billion by 2030.

Western Australia

Western Australia’s remote geographic location, low population density outside Perth, dry environmental conditions and high air quality have made WA an attractive setting for major space projects since the 1960s. This setting is ever more important today, as national and international space enterprises are searching for developmental and operational sites.

UWA has existing capabilities across a broad range of critical space capabilities in engineering, physics, life sciences, social sciences and arts. UWA works closely with the ASA, especially on optical communications and remote operations, and with other space agencies and related international entities such as the ESA, NASA, JAXA, and CNES.

UWA Shield


Through the ISC, UWA is harnessing our world leading space research capability to build partnerships that will contribute to the ongoing growth of Australia’s space industry.

We’ve established the ISC as a new centre that unifies and focusses our expertise in engagement, education and impactful research.

The ISC is UWA’s vehicle to seizing new opportunities in the space sector and advancing Australia’s participation in space. We're looking forward to working with you!