Space industry training

“It’s the perfect time for kids to think about a career in WA’s space sector, as our local space industry is quickly expanding its capabilities while witnessing a world-wide boom of exciting space missions. In fact, the Australian Space Agency looks to create another 20,000 space jobs over the next eight years,” – Associate Professor Danail Obreschkow, Head of the International Space Centre.

Professional Development
Head of ISC Associate Professor Danail Obreschkow conducting an industry training session.

Types of training and education available at the ISC

Customised training and micro-credentials

We offer training and micro credential options for industry requirements. Our offerings range from short half-day training units to bespoke fully catered UWA-hosted programs over multiple days. The content offered in these programs leverages on the broad cutting-edge expertise in space relevant areas at UWA. Our modular training units include:

Physics and Engineering

  • Optical communications in space
  • Space telescope technology
  • Access to and experimentation in microgravity
  • Exploration of the solar system
  • Astronomy from space (beyond the solar system)
  • Space infrared sensor technologies
  • Time synchronisation between ground and space
  • Space data science
  • Remote sensing
  • Robotics in extreme environments
  • Space situational awareness

Life in Space and Space Governance

  • Space and satellite law
  • Space physiology
  • Space biology
  • Space psychology

We can also arrange training in other space relevant areas through our vast network of research collaborators and industry partners.

The University of Western Australia (UWA) currently offers a range of undergraduate and graduate units in space related areas, including:

  • Our Universe (SCIE1121)
  • Our Solar System (SCIE1122)
  • Astrophysics and Space Science (PHYS3003)
  • Space and Satellite Law (LAWS5577)
  • Remote Sensing of the Environment (ENVT4409)
  • Advanced GIS and Remote Sensing (GEOG3301)
  • A wide range of masters units in astrophysics

Comprehensive information on our courses is available in the student handbook.

UWA Student Handbook

Our researchers offer a wide range of opportunities for Masters and PhD level research. If you are a keen student who would like to find out more about these opportunities, please contact us and let us know your background and research area(s) of interest.

Through internships UWA students have the opportunity to be placed with an industrial partner for up to six months, gaining invaluable work experience. The ISC is currently developing new internship opportunities with local space industry.

If you’d like to host a student, or are a student interested in a placement, please get in touch.

UWA Aerospace is a student led technical team focused on developing high-powered rocketry capabilities in Western Australia. The team design, build, and launch rockets for high-altitude research, as well as promote space science and STEM in the community.