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Our space research nodes are engaged in various research collaborations with industrial partners, governments and NGOs. We would love to discuss ideas and opportunities for potential partnerships.

Our key research capabilities cover a wide variety of space-related areas from laser communications and timing to space medicine and satellite remote sensing. Learn more about our research capabilities.

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Customised training and micro-credentials

We offer tailored courses and training to industry with programs customised to your needs. Our offerings range from short half-day training units to bespoke fully catered UWA-hosted programs over multiple days. The content offered in these programs leverages on the broad cutting-edge expertise in space relevant areas at UWA. Our modular training units include:

Physics and Engineering

  • Optical communications in space
  • Space telescope technology
  • Access to and experimentation in microgravity
  • Exploration of the solar system
  • Astronomy from space (beyond the solar system)
  • Space infrared sensor technologies
  • Time synchronisation between ground and space
  • Space data science
  • Remote sensing
  • Robotics in extreme environments
  • Space situational awareness

Life in Space and Space Governance

  • Space and satellite law
  • Space physiology
  • Space biology
  • Space psychology

We can also arrange training in other space relevant areas through our vast network of research collaborators and industry partners.

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Keen on space? So are we! Get in touch to see how we can work together to promote space at your event, school or in your publication.

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