The International Space Centre’s first Space Boot Camp takes off in January, to a lucky few West Australian students keen on launching their space career in Australia. This coming January sixty Year 9 and 10 students will get hands on with WA’s space pioneers on projects such as Robots on the International Space Station, Living and Working in Space, Who Owns the Moon?, Designing Lunar Habitats, Can You Mine Asteroids? and many more. In a fully workshop environment at UWA’s incredible EZONE Student Hub, these future space specialists will get to meet experts who’ve worked at NASA and in conjunction with the ESA and JAXA.

Launch your own rocket?! Why not?! Under the guidance of the UWA Aerospace Club, it can get wild on the space frontier as the students launch their own water rockets on the James Oval. While this stellar experience in January is currently sold out, interested cadets can sign up to the waitlist for the next Space Boot camp here.