On October 27, join the first Head of the International Space Centre Danail Obreschkow for a captivating insight into the modern theory of spacetime, concluding with an unstoppable journey into a black hole at the Lion’s Eye Institute’s annual Ian Constable Lecture. The Ian Constable Lecture is an annual lecture, which honours the contribution and achievements of Professor Ian Constable, an Australian ophthalmologist and the founder of the Lions Eye Institute in Perth.

In fast motion and under extreme gravity, space and time defy our intuition. They start to bend and morph into one another, producing some of the most enigmatic phenomena in the universe. Among them are black holes that pierce through space, bend everything in their vicinity and slow down time beyond recognition.

Associate Professor Obreschkow’s  primary research focus lies in the formation and evolution of galaxies. He is also passionately committed to experimental research in microgravity and has served as a mission specialist on over 450 parabolic flight manoeuvres aboard the Airbus zero-g with the European Space Agency ESA.