What actually happens to humans over the long-term in space? What research is being done in to looking at the physiological and psychological aspects of humans who have spent more time in space than ever before?

Space agencies and private space companies in Australia are prioritising the path of sending humans into outer space and onto other planets – boosted by the Australian Space Agency’s partnership with NASA through the Moon to Mars initiative.

On Monday morning, (Monday November 29, 2021), an online panel from the International Space Centre discuss the breadth of research currently being undertaken at UWA to look into these critical issues. Changes in brain fluid pressure in astronauts, leadership under dynamic and unpredictable contexts, plant growth habitat for the ISS and other off-earth missions, optimising work performance during missions, mining and oxygen-generation in space and on rocky bodies, as well as space governance and more – all vital areas for research, and all being performed at the International Space Centre, come under the microscope as the team discuss ‘Thriving in Space’ at the ASITII Festival of Space.

ATITSII Festival of Space, presented by MySecurity Media
WST 9am Monday November 29